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Listen carefully dick and jimmy, cause here is a job for you. Alonso and doroshenko have set an interesting dialogue going, but their exhibition doesn’t quite follow it through to a conclusion. Please make sure that you’ve entered a valid question. His image of andre the giant has become iconic since he started sticking it up in the early 1990s. Hat is it that comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘urban’ or ‘street’ art? a parade of hieroglyphs and distorted figures viewed from the window of a moving train, perhaps. Shepard fairey is a case in point. It takes in the wide-eyed strangeness of japanese manga and anime.

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Spank the red monkey. In short: with the spank the monkey combo box you can go absolutely bananas. Following his disneyland adventure earlier this month, banksy went to los angeles and staged his own sale, barely legal, which netted him an estimated $3m along with endorsements from brad pitt and angelina jolie. The graffiti movement, which grew out of philadelphia and new york in the sixties and seventies, is its most obvious resource, and the show, with its crude title, is invoking that movement’s angry, destructive, in-your-face spirit as a selling point. Like anything, learning focused attention (another way of saying mindfulness) takes practice and effort.

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Red card - spank the monkey / pierre pressure (vinyl, uk, 1998) | discogsRed card - spank the monkey / pierre pressure | discogsArt: spank the monkey, baltic centre for contemporary art, gateshead | art and design | the guardian


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It brings a rare streak of asceticism to the show. You can edit your question or post anyway.

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