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I was spanked in school, in front of the class, and it was so terribly embarassing, how do i get over it, and why do i still crave a spanking? - quora


In my mind, here was just one more example of a woman having less power than a man. Once her backside was a vivid red i started on the top of her legs and continues right down to her knees. Depue said the father responded: ” ‘you know what? there won’t be a problem in today’s class because i’m going to be in there. Her pantyhose and skimpy panties were at her knees. Not only were you wrong in spanking kate and embarrassing her in front of her peers, but you are an unrepentful brat. So kate was not cheating. A clip from a.

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Spank front of the class. When i arrived at the high school, i went straight to kate’s classroom. James academy for girls. And the one before that, and so. She thought her worst fears were confirmed, but what he went on to say was unexpected, if hardly less daunting. There i saw my 18 year old step-daughter standing with her nose to the wall sobbing. This has happened a lot of times before. Henderson was seated at her desk with a very smug look on her face.

Father spanks his daughter in front of high school class

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I slowly and deliberately patted her bottom with the ruler, first one cheek than the other. Doesn’t matter, this is a flagrant violation of the school grounds laws.