My brother filled me with his dick

When it all changed (1 of 2)


He grabbed a fistful of my hair, and started to plow into me like some kind of grizzled sex-vet. I didn’t even know such a thing as tv existed until i was seventeen and went on a trip to visit my aunt betty and uncle bob, who my brother was named after. So one fine night, around 2 a. We don’t fight about much any more. We were going to stay at a camp site, that. Looked at us, smiled, then quickly went back into his cubicle and shut the door. How come?” i asked.

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My brother filled me with his dick. I’d seen daddy mad a time or two, and he was pissed. See it’s all in the timing. I told him so. I did not really mind this because my oga was a very generous man. I stroked it a few times, like he had and he sighed, saying it felt so good. We did all our kissing and masturbating naked, and it always felt really good to rub up against each other naked, so i didn’t mind taking it off at all.


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Of course we both loved it. Now he looked surprised for some reason.

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