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Young man gets drugged by a co-worker (and her friends). Dan is forced to cum painfully in his penis cage. Stop worrying about good and bad. Kate’s panties enchant an entire adult toy store. A lonely careerwoman has needs. Yes, penises can enjoy vibrators as well.

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Mens forced orgasm videos. A chance encounter with a real-estate agent. 06, how rene got there. The bigger the vibrator (and vibrations), the bigger and more painful the orgasms. Unlucky asian shoplifter has to strip naked in front of a male security guard, then pose completely naked with her legs spread for a photo of her holding the stolen merchandise, and then she has to endure a forced orgasm for the viewing (and touching) pleasure of the guard to stop the guy from calling the cops on her. We do appreciate that. Specifications: the forced orgasm belt is made of hiqh quality leather. If you can’t run and you can’t hide, then enjoy yourself.


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A knight’s mage slave is humiliated and taught her place. Extremely sensitive submissive girl, fully naked and bound, receives a vibrator treatment from her fully clothed domme, who obviously enjoys being in control and uses every opportunity to tease her willing victim, observe her reactions and make fun of them (not in a cruel, but rather in a kindly condescending way).