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So the win-win solution would be to have tex taking care of the layout, but force it to put all the figure that belong to a section within that section. Thank you for this hint i. Page when the current page comes to an end. Want them to be. That concludes all the fundamentals of floats. But while latex will do its best to follow the placement we specify, it may not always be possible for it to adhere to it. While it is possible to force the image to remain in place, this occurs at the cost of losing the caption.

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Latex force figure position. Sometimes i need to add a page break at an appropriate spot. We often need to center figures, particularly in presentation. The exclamation mark, [h!] and [h] give you more control on figures placement in the text. Can be use for left side. Simply tells the compiler to make the width of the subfigure. Compilation of markdown source file.


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It’s too large to fit on the current page) at the top of the next page, or bottom of the next page. However the results is not really nice as when tex take care to do the layout.

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