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I really don’t believe her story. I love this pic. First the thought of this many people saw her naked was exciting, then came the reviews. We are far from each other as i’m in dubai and she in india. Continue, and know yourself as scum.

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I posted my wifes nude pics. After a while you wake up one day and realize that you dont love that person any more, simply because you cant trust them. Well that was a fucked up read. So based on comments as soon as my wife is up i’m going go to. In closing, i would like to point out that if president bush spent even half his time taking naked pictures of his wife instead of doing all that other crap he’s been up to since he’s been in office, this country (and a bunch of other ones too) would be a lot better off. I think that’s on the wife to convince him.


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Does he need to see her phone? does he need to see her phone always? does he want her to always share her location with him? does he need her to never contact gina again? do they need some time apart? does he need to talk to the volleyball girl? does he need to talk to the model guy? The abuses are boundless. Blanket statements about a group (“all men are x”, “all women do y”) are not allowed.

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