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I will try, but it’s nbd if i can’t. I don’t really get comments from guys (partially i assume because i dress like a hobo) but girls will comment, not a big deal. Resistance training ( which many women don’t seem to find feminine) is the key to keeping or slightly increasing your muscle mass percentage. Never mind the weight of those things, and how hard it is to find clothes that don’t drape like a tent and require tailoring.

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Girls with big boobs. They’re pretty shades of pink and cocoa. They hire impoverished women and teach them the skills necessary to work there. Itanimulli, yes it is possible to be skinny and have dd+ breasts. As a person who has breasts on the larger side (for my frame) but not massively oversized, i have had a small taste of the problems that can happen, and i am extremely glad my breasts aren’t any larger than they are. If i had the funds i’d get a reduction.


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No one should be pigenholed into a sterotype because of how their body is naturally, genetically. Most of their size/shape and the ratio of these tissues, is genetically determined. I think i just won the debate right there! you lose!

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