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Converting to strip-till production involves investment in different equipment that results in changes to fixed and variable costs. Strip tillage retained the highest crop residue cover following corn and soybeans, while crop residue cover was similar for the other three tillage treatments. The smaller equipment has higher operating costs but considerably lower fixed costs. In fall strip-tillage systems, producers open a zone of soil within the crop residue with a minimal-impact tillage operation where next year’s crop row will be planted. Doug was also the custom-builder. Because soils are usually drier in the fall than in the spring, fall strip-tillage better prepares the soil, minimizes compaction, prepares a more uniform seedbed, improves seed-to-soil contact, and dries and warms the soil ahead of spring planting rather than as a result of it. To minimize n loss, fall fertilizer applications are best made in soils colder than 50 f.

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Fall strip tillage. 5 bu/acre; and 4) chisel plow plus hoe openers, 200. The expected use in acres for a 24-row pull-type tiller and a six-row tool bar tiller are shown in. And for producers who plant in heavy cover crops or sod, rolling strip tillage attachments may not be able to effectively penetrate the root masses. Harford doesn’t recommend this kind of rig on highly erodible land where erosion and government compliance is a concern.

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Is typically the same as fall strip-till in terms of equipment and field operation, but with strip preparation occurring in the spring, directly prior to planting. Other fall strip-tillage tools include cultivator sweeps and other angled blades that lift soil. Moldboard plowing left 10 percent residue cover, disk ripping left 34 percent and strip tilling left almost 50 percent residue on the soil surface.

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