Do girls like a shaved dick

Should men shave their pubic hair? | the modern man


Attraction is a really weird thing. According to the men, when they see a big glob of hair down there, oral sex is more than likely off the table. This article makes me wonder if the no hair look is healthy. Fuelled brazilian trend has run its natural course.

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I’ll shave mine if you shave yours

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Do girls like a shaved dick. Maybe i should rephrase what i said. Guys are saying that they don’t want to see a wild forest growing between our legs and a neat bush tells them that you are taking care of the region. At the end of the day, i do appreciate the effort. In fact, these guys are very uncomfortable with the bald look. He asked me to shave and i refused. Not even a full 24 hours goes by before you’ve got those uncomfortable, ugly spikes and red inflamed skin that looks like the inside of a dragonfruit.

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Why do you want to shave your pubes?

But obviously it comes down to personal preference. Testosterone, if i am correct, is a driving force behind the growth of body hair.

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