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Vaginal vulva problems | painful vulva

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My whole viginer its so painful especially when i pass urine. It becomes severe and my periods. I have tried everything, and nothing works. What are some things i can do to make the cuts heal quicker? how long will that take? am i at risk for infection? will i become less dry after the cuts heal? please help. Just finished fisting suzzi. It feels horrible an u want. She said to keep using it and eventually the pain will go away.

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Genital herpes

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Cunt lip peeing. But the pain did not go away. Well im only 12 and im experiencing a problw. Hello friends!! here you can watch someones moments of my last vacation. Every time i wash , it hurts. The telltale symptoms for candidiasis include moderate to severe itching, swelling and redness of the vulva and vagina, and white discharge with no bad odor.


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I already knew about this condition and i wasn’t sure what it was exactly. I’m also peeing blood.

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