Burger king says fuck you

Burger kings eff you receipt - eater

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Your username will appear next to your comments. I just woke up my gf from laughing at this too hard. They started to hold my paychecks too. Monthly even, it was maddening.

Burger kings metal-as-fuck black burger turns your poop green; heres the proof!Pissed off chef has proof burger king stole his mac n cheetos idea

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Burger king says fuck you. Com account, you agree with the. Eventually i went back and ate as many goddamn pies as i could, i stuffed some fucking whole pie slices in my fucking outfit and walked right out of the back door, cool as a clam. Folded the cardboard and stuffed it into my co-workers backpacks. The four-letter profanity was spelled out not once, but twice. Hmm, there was a problem reaching the server.


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Look familiar? those aren’t from burger king. Creative cooking is his outlet and passion; which makes the corporations stealing from him that much more cheap and despicable. Kyle marcoux, also known as, the vulgar chef, is a creative foodie who deserves full-credit for everything he brings to the table.