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Struggles every busty girl will relate to because only they know even assets can be liabilities

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Update your browser to view this website correctly. Because string bikinis are not made for all. Plus, there’s a reason you dread the heat. Taste: it’s crispy and i can definitely taste both the banana and chocolate. Crop tops are basically nonexistent in your wardrobe because they get insanely short right after you put them on and sometimes, even regular sized shirts become crop tops just because of your bust. At her current 24inches, sharon is unhappy and prefers to squeeze down to a 22. All this does is pile the weight onto your back.

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Bib boob girl. Seen on sky news; featured in the guardian, ny times, the independent and more. Or women just aren’t afraid to call out your attempts to get attention with your chest. If you have big tits you amazingly funny, smart, witty, blah blah blah. It has the consistency somewhere between a tootsie roll and very thick fudge frosting. Geez, i grew up reading life magazine, national geographic, i am glad i did.


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Other than that, i’m not really sure what to expect taste wise. 40,000+ articles posted by thousands of contributors spanning the entire cultural spectrum.

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