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Unauthorized copying, sharing, distribution, reproduction, or any other use is a violation of applicable laws. It’s funny, some prefer the look of the synthetic casts others prefer the plaster ones, some prefer arm casts some prefer leg ones. If it did happen that i hurt myself and the outcome was i get to wear a cast i’d probably be happy. In my mind, those who have endured that deep brokenness are immediately tougher, more interesting.

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Being in a cast fetish. No, i work in a cubicle in a totally unrelated field. Ever since i was a child i’ve wanted to break a bone. My high school boyfriend was in a cast when we met, and i can’t say that had nothing to do with my attraction to him. She teases you with her cast and toes and strips off her clothes! download now for a hot 5 minutes of hd footage! The last three weeks i had to wear what they call an air cast, which you actually pump up with air. So much for making love that night. Ask for advice, share your favorite tips, and encourage others about anything dating.


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So we trademarked the names, filed for patents on the bonk’er and bonk’im, setup our website, and now are receiving worldwide accolades for developing one of the most revolutionary new products that enhance the way we all make love. When i got back to town and started playing soccer with my team again, i broke my leg within minutes of the first game i was on a breakaway to score. I broke my arm last fall and was googling something with the word “cast” in it and after looking up my fracture for six hours straight i found an image of a woman in a full body cast except for her hoo-ha.

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