B 58 hustler bomber

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Until may 15, when enough additional funds were obtained to keep the project going. Among the initial approaches to the design. At this stage, the. Could provide a far greater degree of security to the u. We invite you to. However, general curtis lemay, head of the.

The b-58 hustler was a beautiful mistake | war is boringB-58 hustler association homepage


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B 58 hustler bomber. The aircraft was to carry a two-man crew and would have four turbojet engines. The service ceiling of the plane was 60,000 feet, and it had a range of 4,100 miles. In addition, the two-aircraft attack system would be much more expensive to build and maintain. Although the amc felt that the boeing and.

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The winning proposal, and a phase i contract was initiated with fy 1948 funds. Sac commander curtis lemay wanted to start over with a different design. The small bomber concept was endorsed by the air force council and by general hoyt s.