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Their nasal bones tend to be smaller in height and width compared with that of whites. There are several advantages to the diced cartilage method (fig. A full discussion about the surgical process including incisions, donor graft sites, implant materials and their complications should be undertaken. Having performed asian rhinoplasty for many years dr solomon has seen patients who have undergone a multitude of different asian rhinoplasty techniques. 0 cm) hidden in the infra-mammary crease (under the right breast/chest).

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Asian rhinoplasty surgery. These are often described in western rhinoplasty surgery books and this type of rhinoplasty does not form the select discussion here. Overall, her nose still very much possesses the key features of an asian nose, but has been refined sufficiently to address those issues that were bothering her. Depending on the implant type and the aesthetic outcome, these implants can be inserted through a marginal or rim incision. (c) tip graft set in a downward rotation position is often necessary in secondary cases. Besides synthetic implants, some surgeons have also used homologous implants (donated tissue from a cadaver).

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With his extensive training and qualifications, dr. He is a superior plastic surgeon doctor with a great sense of art. These osteotomies can be coupled with medial oblique or paramedian osteotomies to further narrow a broad, bony dorsum.

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