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The channel 10 report featured lingering shots of naccache’s multi-page spread in lilac, before asking the mother of another arab-israeli model what she thought about the pictures. As make-up artists and hairdressers circle her, huda naccache calmly discusses the media frenzy sparked by her appearance, clad in a skimpy bikini, on the cover of an arab-israeli magazine. Many parts of the world are scorching hot this summer, which, for some of our arab stars, it was time to come out and play in the sun. London: british muslim muna jama has made headlines around the world in recent days for winning the right to wear a kaftan, rather than a bikini, in the swimwear section of the miss universe great britain beauty pageant. Naccache brushes aside such comments, saying she is focusing on her future. While we may hide under our kaftans to keep that bulge or two away from preying eyes, those celebs weren’t afraid to show a little (or a lot in this case) skin on the sandy shores of their holiday destinations.

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Arab bikini models. No, i will never let my daughter take pictures in a bikini. She entered the acting world in her debut movie, itiham. (26 june 1974, beirut, lebanon) – lebanese pop singer and actress. However, some aspects of what she does and her allegiance to her religion have come under fire from the more hard-line fanatics. No,” the mother said as she shook her head in disapproval.


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(born 1992) is a lebanese radio announcer, model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned miss lebanon 2015. For her part, huda naccache said most of the feedback she has had from the arab israeli community has been positive, though she has been called some nasty things on occasion. She is the second lebanese, the first arab woman, the first muslim woman and the first immigrant, managed to win the title of “miss usa”.

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