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Which fashion brands cater to older women? | fashion | the guardianNaked at our age - joan price - sex & aging views & news: dean asks, does granny like oral sex?

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Aging granny mature old older woman. An older woman experiences a younger man. Remember, in your twenties, your potential and trajectory is more important than your actual current status. Figure out the logistics and confidently direct the interaction back to your place or hers. The question for me, as i inch closer to 60, is, what is this about really? is it just about the a-word, by which i mean age (or perhaps ageism), or is it just tunnel vision about the size and shape of most women, by which i mean “we’re all different, get over it”? is fashion fundamentally ageist and sizeist, or is it just that the aesthetic imperative rules no matter what? these are big questions to hit you with midweek and i don’t know the answer but i suspect it largely depends on the pool in which you fish. Hell, you could be a doctor, an entrepreneur, or a celebrity.

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